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Objective of International Entrepreneurs Association Youth Chapter ( IMIEA-YC )

The membership of IEA Youth Chapter falls unto the International Member of IEA (IMIEA) category, which is provided for external channel that have the need of collaborating with IEA and being part of IEA Youth Wings.

In conjunction with Professional Educational Qualification of International Entrepreneurs Association was, IEA Youth Chapter form for the purpose to become a well-recognised establish youth association committed towards sharing the resources among students and alumni of IEA of delivering the network and channel within IEA needed by youth to promote and engage youths to cultivate the “Entrepreneur Spirit. It is the key to the creation of a society capable of coping with the complexities and uncertainties of a globally competitive economy.

IEA youth chapter is a platform created to offers learning opportunities between students and entrepreneurs in order to foster a global entrepreneurship community. IEA youth chapter intend to foster younger generation to practice and achieve IEA practitioner profession on “Giver Gain philosophy” and also to work out the future in a proper manner.

This membership is eligible for those who are interested to become part of IEA members.

Objectives of IEA Youth Chapter

  • IEA YC is aligned with creating awareness raising campaigns that promote ‘Entrepreneurship Spirit’ and ‘Social Ethical Culture’ practice at all levels of society.
  • Assist the education and training system to embed the culture of entrepreneurship and social culture practice.
  • IEA YC is heading towards its path of enriching its members with the opportunity to Support initiatives in the education and training system at tertiary level to underpin enterprise.
  • To offer a channel of possible solutions to youths who have creative and innovative business ideas, and would intended to seek business and ethical advice, business planning and coaching, skills development and training, and allocation of funds, network contacts and multi – resources
  • Providing a Forum or Network platform for Young Entrepreneurs to bridge new cooperative channels and relationships among Youths in IEA Youth Chapter.

Our IEA Youth Chapter Platform - Entrepreneurial Empowerment main objectives are to :

  • To change society’s perception of entrepreneurship through awareness raising campaign.
  • To promote entrepreneurship at all levels of society though conferences, fairs, competitions and related events.
  • To promote entrepreneurship at all levels of society through an awards scheme.
  • To benchmark the level of entrepreneurship in the country on an on-going basis.
  • The scope and the scale of such programmes vary, ranging from the provision of training, counselling, mentoring, start-up loans to a more comprehensive integrated approach (Italy, Canada, USA, Ireland and United Kingdom).