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Proposed Formation of Platform - International Entrepreneurs Association Youth Chapter

Initiative highlighted entrepreneurship education as one of the issues requiring greater global awareness and action. The need to develop new and innovative models to address these challenges is urgent, and while education is one of the most important foundations for economic development, entrepreneurship is a major driver of innovation and economic growth.

It has become quite clear over the years that without well-developed or potentially available entrepreneurial capabilities, external funds will be wasted on projects that will not provide long term economic growth. While the landscape is changing gradually and some improvements are evident, the present educational system, at a regional level, still does little to stimulate creative thinking and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth in order to cultivate a new breed of much needed job-creators and income generators, rather than job seekers. 

In the relation to the above, International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA), are welcome and be grateful in its noble task of providing and cultivating entrepreneurs with continuous prestige recognition, professional development education and networks support on global basis. International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA, UK) agreed that there was tremendous potential for the association to act as a catalyst in this field given its expertise in convening world leaders to discuss global issues, and its proven record of success in establishing and developing partnerships as demonstrated through the Global Education Initiative.

In order to realise greater employment opportunities, the dynamism of the SMEs sector and a higher level of entrepreneurship must be stimulated among youth. International Entrepreneurs Association, Youth Chapter ( IEA YC ), formed as a group of adolescents, both male and female, within the communities of high school, colleges as well as universities , is a means by which young people can organize themselves to learn about the entrepreneurial ethical & cultural and take action as well.

International Entrepreneurs Association, United Kingdom (IEA, UK) believes this approach may be the dawn of new beginning for support efforts in developing young and successful entrepreneurs in the future. With the initiatives and commitment towards helping and educating the youth and students with any opportunities at possible situation, The IEA Youth Chapter will be the ultimate platform for – Developing Ethical Culture and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurial Practice among Youth

Prior to the establishment of the IEA Youth Chapter, we believe that entrepreneurship results in increased innovation and sustained economic growth. We see enormous potential in investing in entrepreneurship education in order to nurture talent and develop the next wave of leaders and innovators who will not only create jobs and value for society, but also empower others to create a better future.