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Prospect of IEA Youth Chapter

Below are parts of the focus area that Colleges/University/Institutes would cover on behalf of IEA intervention for Youths:


Business Field Trips

IEA and IEA Youth Chapter may organize field trips to factories like Dell, Intel or any business organizations which may have network with IEA. These field trips would benefit the members of IEA as they would learn more about the real business environment. For none IEA members who wish to join the trip through the Chamber of Commerce, they may need to pay a non-member fee set by IEA.


Workshop / Seminars / Conference

Workshops, Talks and Seminars held for Inter-College level in the spirit of IEA and entrepreneurship can be done by either choosing one of the member college and its facilities to use for the function. Arrangements can be dealt with through IEA in collaborating with its member colleges to host any event. College’s registered members may be contacted by IEA to jointly host the program even though the event may be held in another separate campus. Other cost arrangements would have to be dealt with between IEA and the hosting college or facility for the event.


Internship Opportunities

IEA with IEA Youth Chapter could arrange Internships for its exclusive members during the holiday seasons to work with successful entrepreneurs. This would give them a first glimpse of how a business world truly functions, thus synergized with IEA’s mission to create brighter and innovative entrepreneurs.


Healthy Lifestyles Cultural Engagements

Healthy Lifestyles and Culture is a great way to kick start an adventurous and fulfilling learning experience for IEA members. In the coming pathway, the IEA Youth Chapter, and IEA can arrange more engagement such as various art culture, social, charity and communities’ service to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit among youths. These cultural engagements can be co-organised and involve different colleges which are members to IEA Youth Chapter and it should encourage more networks being built up among young entrepreneurs.


Network Forums

This Networking will gather all business clubs from various educational institutions under the IEA Youth Chapter towards a forum for sharing, host by an appointed campus for each event. In this event, members from various colleges or schools would have the opportunity to discuss about joint-ventures or collaborations that can be organised with the aim of charging up the entrepreneurship spirit initiated by IEA. Discussions on upcoming projects or future plans may also take place during the session.


Reality Competition, Games & Rewards

Taking the homage from the various competitions, games and rewards reality shows like The Apprentice and Survivor, IEA Youth Chapter could implement what could be a “Standard Guide-Book” format in educating the participants from various colleges in execution of Business Plan. This would be ideal to test IEA Youths’ ideas towards bringing up their own businesses and plans in the future.


Real Reality Events, Fairs and Campaigns

Generally, this reality events, fairs and campaigns, reality shows like The Apprentice and Survivor where participants would be given tasks to perform (In case of IEA Youth Chapter). IEA may use its vast network of contacts with companies who are willing to sponsor products, host events or campaigns which the students themselves can get involved with. This may sound like an ordinary business event, but with an added mix of exciting “The Boardroom” setup, the learning will definitely be completely sensational.


Newsletter, Magazines and Publications

Publications, social media as well as tools like newsletter, magazines bring members of IEA YC connected together. Yet, besides a great way to keep member in the loop, these will also being a tools for IEA YC and IEAs to generate avenues for funding from the advertisements and donations from organisation to publicise their information through it. Being in the media will helps magnify our efforts of giving readers the extensive comprehensive latest news and reviews, a wide range of content, including but not limited to the coverage of latest learning & technologies trend, success entrepreneur sharing, tips of business ventures, latest events and other relevant lifestyle sections. Yet, besides a great way to keep member in the loop.


Project Management / Career Opportunities

Companies and Entrepreneurs associated with IEA Adult Chapter may contribute Project Management Opportunities to IEA Youth Chapter members as means in enabling members to obtain practical knowledge and experience while carrying out certain task, and also, providing real opportunities for them to manage a project supervised by the contributing company and IEA.

Support in the form of Career Opportunities would also be provided as companies or entrepreneurs may provide IEA Youth Chapter members an opportunity to start working in the real business and practical environment while honing their skills and experience with more career opportunities gained in the future.