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Welcoming Message of I.E.A Youth Chapter ( IMIEA-YC )

Dear fellow IEA Youth Chapter members,

Are you still chasing on your dreamor live on your imagination?
Do you intend or still waiting for the opportunity to arrived?
Are you still struggling where you are heading?

If you are facing the above challenges, don’t hesitate to joint us – IEA-UK Youth Chapter. IEA-UK Youth Chapter (YC) is one of the international Professional Body Associations specifically developed for those youth who are interested in entrepreneurship. We are standing on the path to promoting and cultivating “Young Entrepreneurship Spirit” among Youths.

The International Entrepreneurs Association Youth Chapter is tailored to provide opportunities for young people in scouting to express their views and make recommendations on issues of interest to them; and to develop the skills necessary to strengthen their capacity to take part in business world. Nevertheless, IEA-UK Youth Chapter will help you accelerated by practical hands-on multiple source of your skills with full of enthusiasm and excellent learning opportunities that will impact your life.

I thank you all for your kind attention as IEA-UK Youth Chapter have attempted to bring to you the messages which IEA-UK know are deep interest to all who have come to joint us. There’s a wealth of knowledge to teach the young that the 21st century is theirs, with a chance to create great work now that IEA-UK family members have set the goals in the historic time. Let the students know what an honour and privilege, it is to be accepted into the welcoming arms of IEA-UK World Wide Educational and Associate System.

Regards to the spectacularly coverage of the Youth Chapter System, IEA-UK intend to provide you with an overall structure of IEA-UK Youth Chapter that will covered up many aspect of “ How It will beneficial Entire Youth to foster the unity of entrepreneurship”.

We look forward to working closely with you at IEA-UK Youth chapter. I commend you on taking the first step towards advancing your learning paths and career. We wish you best of luck with your applications. We are indeed excited about the bright future of IEA-UK YOUTH CHAPTER for cultivating the young entrepreneurs of today for a better tomorrow.

Best wishes and Success joy of yours in the Upcoming Future.

Youth Chapter Presidential Board of Council



Executive Summary of IEA Youth Chapter

IEA Youth Chapter, under the auspices of the IEA Adult Chapter engaged a series of conferences, fairs, forums and competitions to prepare a project concept on entrepreneurship and corporate governance practice awareness rising for youth globally.

IEA Youth Chapter was tasked primarily with preparing a project document for possible further donor or government and agency financing for the “Developing Ethical Culture and Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurial Practice among Youth”.

The approach in this platform was to review the capable performance prepared so far under the auspices of the Entrepreneurship, Social Lifestyles and Ethical Culture Practice among Youth. IEA Youth Chapter then will be in a position to disseminate the proposal among the donor community, organisation, agencies and government for co-funding.

In carrying out the assignment, the IEA Youth Chapter leader collaborated closely with leader of IEA Adult Chapter. In addition, support was obtained from IEA Regional Asia Pacific Chapter. Their support was critical to the preparation of this project fiche.