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Benefits and Opportunities

The establishment of IEA YC is mainly created to provide an alternate pathway for improvement and learning ground to cultivate potential young generation of mind set to be more self-independent and work out their ways of new business ventures.

IEA YC emphasize for making the youth concerns and experience an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in economic and social sphere. Culture of IEA Youth Chapter is deemed beneficial towards the upbringing or more innovative and creative entrepreneurs among youths and students in skills improvement, personal development and eye-widening exposures.


Why join IEA Youth Chapter ( IMIEA-YC )

  • Likelihood jointly working hand in hand with affiliate colleges/university/institute for exchanging ideas, news, inter-collegiate programmes and etc. Members will have the opportunity to work out new projects or concepts by turning their ideas and dream into the reality.
  • Work out new projects or concepts by turning their ideas and dream into reality or conceive mega projects from private corporations or governmental agencies.
  • Opportunity to organize, learn and guide by IEA-UK’s Leaders or Top Management towards preparing an event
  • Opportunities to create another pathway of career rather than working for other after graduated.
  • Able prepared and get practical approach yourself before entered the society and the real world.
  • Prepare oneself before entering the working society and enhance oneself ability, knowledge know – how, profile and marketability.


Value of IEA Youth Chapter ( IMIEA-YC )

  • Having a Life-Long & International Community & learning environment.
  • Prestige/ Internationally Recognition by universities, external organizations, governments.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities in career path and having alternative pathway as career.
  • Able to performs, practice, and building your own opportunities from the prospect of IEA Youth Chapter.
  • Having an ethical platform and cultural environment to experience on global basis.