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The IEA Youth Chapter - Entrepreneurial Empowerment Initiative Purpose

Rapid globalization and technological change will offer new opportunities for productive work and decent incomes; millions of other youth across the world will face much bleaker prospects. Many risks failing to gain entry into the workforce. Discrimination, unless addressed, will make it even harder for young women to fully contribute to the development and growth of their nations. The vast majority of jobs available to youth could continue to be low paid, insecure, and with few benefits or prospects for advancement. Effective policies and programmes that address these concerns must be put in place if these scenarios are to be averted.

Considering the growing flexibility of economies, the rapid pace of technological change and the pressure of competition generated by globalization, it is increasingly acknowledge that to avoid the risk of large-scale marginalization; societies should encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills among their younger members. Many countries have been making a special effort to integrate marginalized and disadvantaged youth groups into the mainstream economic activities through targeted youth entrepreneurship programmes and platforms.

In the light of the above, the potential and possibilities of youth entrepreneurship should be considered in the context of the economic realities of the countries in question to avoid unrealistic expectations or wrong choices. The exchange of national experiences could provide some clues, but in the end, right platform and programmes should be suited to local conditions and countries’ circumstances.

The IEA Youth Chapter is a new initiative under the International Entrepreneurs Association to help develop a more entrepreneurial culture across internationally, thereby assisting the country to become more competitive and reduce unemployment. IEA Youth Chapter form as a platform to offers an excellent opportunity to

  • Emphasize and demonstrate the potential of youth as active participants in development;
  • Showcase good practices; and
  • Provide opportunities for participants to interact and share ideas and knowledge, in an environment conducive to building partnerships and acquiring network platform.

The IEA Youth Chapter supports four thematic areas of youth development:

  • Entrepreneurship should encourage and support entrepreneurial, creative approaches to income generation, particularly in the area of social entrepreneurship and provide capacity building and resources to support the economic advancement of marginalized youth.
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and experiences and the opportunity to establish the foundation for future business relationships; especially young people and organizations across national boundaries to discover new ideas at the intersection of cultures and disciplines.
  • Civic Engagement initiatives should provide and promote opportunities to exercise citizenship; and productive and active involvement in developmental processes at the national, regional, and/or community level; and particularly involving marginalized groups.
  • Empowerment initiatives should enhance the ability to take an active and productive role in society through increased capacity, capabilities, skills, access to and comprehension of relevant information.

Our IEA Youth Chapter Platform is the development of recommendations for a comprehensive framework and proven programmes for awareness-raising and entrepreneurship promotion with impact on the reduction of youth unemployment through self-employment and enterprise creation.

The IEA Youth Chapter is about developing and empowering young people by encouraging their participation and experimentation with all facets of life. Youth is a period of life characterized by significant and dramatic physical, emotional, and intellectual change. Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment initiative will help meet the special needs required for the healthy development of all young people. Special services and support should be provided for young people at risk.

Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment aims to develop the potential of young people to their fullest, encouraging leadership, creativity, self-expression, and resourcefulness, providing special support, and building young people as a positive social entrepreneur force. Our IEA Youth Chapter Platform plans recognize young people as a key force in the development globally. It has been proven that youth entrepreneurship development in any given country can assist with individual, social, and national development, while providing young men and young women with decent and productive work.

Countries are therefore being encouraged to utilize the tool of youth entrepreneurship development, which has become one way of increasing youth employment, alleviating the vicious cycle of poverty and social exclusion.