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IEA Youth Chapter - Frequented Asked Question ( FAQ )

What is IEA,UK?

IEA stands for International Entrepreneurs Association. Originating from Wales United Kingdom, the International Entrepreneurs Association UK, is an international professional body that serves its members who are business and entrepreneurs through education and training. Its purpose is to provide the opportunities for its members to participate and to be part of a global family to improve their business.


Why should i join IEA Youth Chapter?

10 Points Why You Should Join IEA Youth Chapter:

  • We are recognized internationally.
  • We are a professional body.
  • We provide personal ethical advice and business coaching.
  • We provide training and life-long learning facilities.
  • We offer special fees for attending professional workshop.
  • You may learn practical business skills and knowledge.
  • You may build your own network.
  • You may gain enhanced employment opportunities in career.
  • You may gain alternative pathways other than being employed.
  • You may establish your own business.


What kind of opportunities could i gain by joining IEA Youth Chapter?

It is depend on individual who are smart enough to grab the opportunities and who are taking the initiative to create the opportunities themselves. IEA Youth Chapter is not a charity organization, we are an Entrepreneurship platform which encourage young to work out the pathway rather than waiting opportunities to falls, there is no “Free Lunch” in this world. As IEA Youth Chapter is an international well known recognised platform, gaining from its will depends on how the person judge from different aspect.


If I don't have the time to participate all the activities, will i be penalised?

No. It is all up to you and your personal level of commitment to join any IEA Youth Chapter’s programmes and activities; IEA Youth Chapter is merely providing the opportunities, it is up to you to grab them.


Is IEA Youth Chapter an exclusive association, where only certain students are allowed to join?

No. IEA Youth Chapter is a multi-racial and non-discriminatory association. We provide equal opportunities to every member. We welcome anyone who is interested in pursuing their goals through the learning and training under the facilities of IEA to join us.


I am interested to join IEA Youth Chapter, but I am worried about my English.....

IEA is an international association and professional body. Thus, we encourage the use of English as the primary medium of communication. However, we will not bar any members communicating in other languages. Language, after all, is just a communication tool for us to learn; it should not become an obstacle to learning.


I am interested to join IEA Youth Chapter, but my friends were not.....

IEA is a place for all. Thus, you would not feel lonely or neglected. In IEA, we strive to form a closely knit family with all members, making sure that you are warm and feel at home.


I heard about IEA from some friends, but I am not sure.....

You are most welcome to contact our friendly members and ask for a clearer and deeper understanding of IEA. We will be able to provide some materials and share some experience with you.


I have some good ideas.....

IEA welcome anyone who has ideas and concepts to come forward. If you have a business idea, we could provide you - personal ethical advice and business coaching to assist you in setting up your business venture.