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I.E.A Special Specific Programme

Joint Award Programme

International Entrepreneurs Association Joint Award Programme is part of our programme which plans to implement to the institution, trainning providers, professional and non-professional institution/associations, seminar and event orgranisers, companies trainning and research departments and others in various parts of the world. The Joint Award Programme is to give adult learners the oppurtunity to earn credits thourgh various ways of learning by correcpondence courses, independent study, gourp study, interships, tutorials, seminars, audio/videotapes, telecourses and computer networking.

The Joint Award Programme allows a pratical convinient method of accomplishing these objectives :

  • To award academic credits points to the participants who have attended the full sessions of the seminar, workshop, internal and external companies trainning programmes.
  • The credits point can help adult learners soften the studying period if they choose to pursue thier tertiary degree programme with us or with other universities due to the accumulation of credits points earh thoughout their working and personal life experience.


Research Programme

The Research Programme have been designed for those who, at the time of acceptance and admission, are likely to be awarded a significant number of credits for prior work and educational experiences, thus reducing the time and work needed to obtain a qualification. This programme assesses and analyses student’s work/professional and other training, prior academic achievement, courses taken elsewhere (e.g. by correspondence, in the military, company in-house training, private institution, hobbies, etc) and general experiential learning. The objective is for students to develop a particular topic of their own, research it in various ways and present it at a formal academic/professional presentation.


Continuous Profession Programme

The IEA lays much emphasis on the importance of our members and managers to continually enhance their skills, expertise and knowledge in the discharge of their responsibilities. Continuous Profession Programme – CPP is the term that is used to describe this process of lifelong learning which is a structured approach towards providing evidence of learning, individual progress to meet specified career and personal objectives. The objective of this programme  is to reach larger audiences of individuals, organisations, and employers. It is widely accepted that Professional bodies like our Association, have a responsibility to assure the public and their employers of the quality and the competence of our members and our licensed Professionals. We also accept that we live in a very rapidly changing environment and it is apparent that the initial qualifications and work experience earned are no longer relevant in this context of rapid change. Our members and licensed members must keep up to date.


Distance Learning Programme

International Entrepreneurs Association (IEA) constantly welcomes all interested organizations, training or education institutions, and individual professionals to work with IEA as an Affiliated Distance Learning Institutions, Business Partners or Representatives in offering, adopt or to promote any of IEA’s wide range of professionally developed programmes as well as membership services to adults, professional, entrepreneurs or students. There are more than five million peoples a year get their education through Distance Learning. The expert’s definition “Distance Learning is a system and a process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. While distance learning takes a wide variety of forms, all distance learning is characterized by :

  • Separation of place and/or time between instructor and learner, among learners and/or between learners and learning resources.
  • Interaction between the learner and the instructor, among learners and/or between learners and learning resources conducted through one or more media; use of electronic media is not necessarily required.

Due as IEA is a Professional Body which is an Association, we believed that with passion and commitment, all potential providers can be an integral distance learning part in the progressive escalation of a group of effective Leaders in the future.