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Diploma in Suply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

This course provides a broad overview of Supply Chain Management with an integration of purchasing, operations, inventory and logistics management. It also cover topics such topics as demand management; inventory systems; shop floor control; lean manufacturing; total quality management systems; quality certification approaches; and statistical process control.



Acquire an awareness and understanding of fundamental economic theories, concepts and policies; apply economic principles and concepts to decision-making in a business environment; understanding the general economic environment and its effects upon business organizations and their markets .


Business Communication

Maximise personal effectiveness by improving personal communication skills necessary for communication both inside and outside the organization, acquire the knowledge and techniques to assist them when working with colleagues in face to face and telephone situations, prepare reports and other forms of written communication and understand the important of visual communication


Production Planning & Control

The course deals with the problems of planning, scheduling, and controlling of activities related to the production of goods and/or services. The topics will include forecasting, demand management, order servicing, production planning, capacity planning, operations scheduling, master production scheduling.


Business Management

It will covers mostly all the business process, business skills and How to manage a business in a real world environment. It focuses on development of knowledge necessary to establish and manage successful organization-wide business management concepts. An introduction to the principles and practices of management, with emphasis on the management functions of planning, organizing, influencing and controlling. The course serves the dual purpose of giving the students a basic foundation of management concepts and an understanding of the organization within which they must work


Principles of Puchasing

This course relates the purchasing process to such topics as inventory control, price determination, vendor selection, negotiation techniques, and ethical issues. Covers purchasing techniques, receiving practices and proper storage for a food service operation. Emphasis on forms and systems for implementing inventory controls. Performance evaluation of personnel is a major segment of training.