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Graduate Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Blended Marketing Method (Online and Office)

Students will learn about various type of marketing method and practice while facing different kind of situation. The course not only will help the students learning about professional selling but also learning about Internet marketing and also e-commerce. With this kind blended marketing method and strategic, it will made a Sales and Marketing Executive to be much more professionalism .


Strategic Marketing in Analysis and Decision

Market analysis integrates three disciplines: marketing research, the study of consumer behavior, and market demand analysis. Market analysis applies these disciplines to understanding relevant markets, analyzing consumer and business-to-business buying behavior, and identifying and measuring target markets. The course examines the theory, tools and processes that are utilized to apply marketing research, the study of consumer behavior and market demand analysis to provide information that facilitates decision making in marketing management. Emphasis is placed on the practical issues related to the successful application of the three disciplines by an organization under market conditions. Market analysis provides the student with substantial experience in developing written and oral communications skills. Market Analysis must be taken simultaneously with Marketing Communications


Public Relations

Students are shown how to think like their target publics - and how the various elements of the overall marketing mix impact how customers make their decisions.  Students also study how to assess the return on the company's public relations investment, and how to determine whether PR can be best orchestrated in-house or if out-sourcing is a more practical, economical solution.


International Marketing Strategy

A study of the economic, political, cultural and business environments affecting the international marketing operations of the firm. Market selection decision, entry and operating decisions, marketing mix decisions and organizational structures are examined


Marketing Services

This course focuses on the marketing problems and strategies of service and not-for-profit organizations. Subjects covered include the nature of services, organizing for services delivery, managing services demand, tailoring the customer mix, and managing supply.


E-Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy Practicum is required of all marketing majors. The practicum is a project-based course which allows students the opportunity to apply key concepts and tools learned in the Marketing Core to an actual company. Self selected student teams will work with their choice of a company from one of the following industries: consumer goods, industrial goods, professional services, or high-technology. The projects are semi-structured to dovetail with key concepts and tolls learned in the Marketing Core, yet have enough flexibility to allow students to address specific concerns of their chosen company. The gen Oral task of each project team si to: (1) perform a comprehensive situation analysis for one of the company's product lines, (2) identify several specific growth opportunities, (3) assess the financial attractiveness of these opportunities, and (4) develop an implementation program for most attractive opportunity.


Segmentation and Marketing and Positioning

The essence of the marketing concept is the idea of placing customer needs at the centre of the organization's decision-making. The need to adopt this approach stems from a number of factors, including increased competition, better-informed and-educated customers and, most importantly, changing patterns of demand. Primarily it is this change in patterns of demand that has given rise to the need to segment markets. Market segmentation can be defined as the process of breaking down the total market for a product or service into distinct sub-groups or segments where each segment may conceivably represent a separate target market to be reached with a distinctive marketing mix. Segmentation and the subsequent strategies of targeting and positioning start by recognizing that increasingly, within the total demand/market for a product, specific tastes, needs and demand may differ. It breaks down the total market for a product or service into individual clusters of customers, or segments


Final Project for Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting is a capstone course designed to provide students with an opportunity to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a real world situation. A wide variety of projects may be considered, however, all projects must be integrative and comprehensive. Projects typically consist of working with a business on a special project or assisting the business in an area where they are trying to improve. Alternative projects have included: developing a business plan for a new business, conducting marketing research, completing a special project outside your normal responsibilities for a company where you currently work, analyzing an industry, conducting original research to extend general business knowledge, etc. Credits fulfill marketing major practicum requirement.