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Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce

Essential Business Management in Critical Thinking & Application

In this course, you develop your skills as a critical thinker and problem solver. You learn to leverage your personal thinking preferences using tools and techniques based on cutting-edge technologies. Successful organizations recognize that critical thinking and creative solutions to problems significantly enhance business potential. Today's decision makers must employ a variety of thinking styles, methodologies and creative processes to achieve competitive advantage .


Essential Resource Planning

Use and management of natural resources. Review of concepts, principles, and objectives of resource management and planning. Concepts of human population dynamics, resource supply and demand, environmental impacts and suitability assessment for sustainable development.


Project Management

It will provide the participants the skills to managing a successful project. It will also help the project leader dealing with different kind of project aspect with a proper planning and control more effectively and more efficiency. Identify, analyze and document all tasks needed to complete a project


Business Applications Programming

This course introduces principles and techniques of object-oriented programming. It emphasizes on proper formulation and abstraction of the problem domain to build robust, flexible, and extensible business applications. Topics include programming logic, documentation, object-orientated design, user interfaces, business programming logic, and software verification and validation in the business environment.


Accounting Application

This course will cover basic accounting fundamentals and also advanced accounting for businesses. It will also apply the accounting application to help in the business environment. The topics includes POS System, Inventory System, Accounting System to help you management your business and the daily financial function. It also able deals with models and methods in management accounting, in particular related to analysis, calculation and registration of data .


E-Entrepreneurship Behavior

This course informs the enterpreneurs of how the interaction of feeling, knowledge, behavior, and environmental events influence people and organizations in the conduct of their e-business transactions. Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind economic growth all across the globe. This course teaches the essentials of starting and managing a new e-business venture with an emphasis on hands-on learning .


Databases communication and Network Essentials

This course serves as a general introduction for students to acquire a foundation in current network technologies for local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the Internet. The course provides an introduction to the hardware, software, terminology, components, design, and connections of a network, as well as the topologies and protocols for LANs. It covers LAN-user concepts and the basic functions of system administration and operation.


Final Project-Developing Real Environment of E-Commerce System

This course allows the student to work directly with e-commerce and Internet technologies to build experience and cement classroom knowledge. The course will be lecture and lab based with projects contributing significantly. Projects will center around the creation of demonstration or real Internet e-commerce sites. Students will utilize current technology and equipment. More detailed projects and the utilization of more advanced technologies will be employed. Integrated systems will be explored. Students will utilize current technology and equipment.