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Graduate Diploma in Applied Business Computing

Strategy Business Management

This course on Business Management and Strategy is the first in the Global Business Management series. It focuses on three important factors to consider in managing a global company. They are business strategies, organization models, and management culture. The course explains the characteristics of each factor in detail, as well as the relationship between factors


Multimedia Principles

Sharpen your skills in multimedia design and production. Preview multimedia applications and evaluate what works best in your classroom. Practice using the tools of multimedia and learn more about the planning and development process. Practical multimedia hardware options including digital cameras, scanners, and microphones are also reviewed .


Java Programming

This course focuses on giving you an understanding of exactly what Java is and how to build, compile, and distribute effective stand-alone Java applications. The course is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the Java language and runtime model for developers experienced with another programming language. In lab exercises you will write Java code without the assistance of any visual programming or "wizards," leaving you prepared to read and write Java code in a production environment. Upon completion, you will be able to program using Java. You will know how to create stand-alone applications and applets.


RDMS Fundamentals with Oracle

To provide the students with the knowledge and understanding of: the structure and functioning of database systems; the problems of management of database systems; theoretical database modeling; and commercial DBMS.  Students will study the principles of homogeneous database technology and the principles of distributed database systems. The emphasis will be on the integration of heterogeneous database management systems into a coherent system. Topics will include query optimization, concurrency control, security and integrity.


Computerized Security

This course is intended as a basic introduction to computer security and cryptography topics. Some network security topics may also be presented, time permitting. It is an intro course to basic concepts in information security and management. It is not an in-depth course in cryptographic techniques or algorithms. This course is a survey of fundamentals of information security. Included are coverage of risks and vulnerabilities, policy formation, controls and protection methods, database security, encryption, authentication technologies, host-based and network-based security issues, personnel and physical security issues, and issues of law and privacy .


Software Engineering

There is more to producing software systems than just writing programs. It is now widely recognised that the Engineering of software systems has a pivotal role to play in the production of quality software systems which are produced on time, to budget, and to the correct level of quality. Indeed, the term Software Engineer has now replaced the term Programmer as the job description used in industry. Teaching the technical and managerial skills necessary for building a software product as a team.


Internet Application Development

Create a dynamic Web applications using both client-side and server-side scripting technologies. Also covers the basic concepts of the World Wide Web and more advanced topics. It will also learning to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces and how to integrate databases using ASP into websites .


Final Thesis

The student must apply what they had learns thru the whole courses and apply it into a project related to the entire subject and put in a documentation or project and presented it on the final semester. The project must be related to what the student had study and related to the real world environment.