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Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Strategic Management

This course provides practical training for the senior-level business student to develop an understanding and knowledge of strategic management as a tool for long term business success. The course will develop skills in analyzing the various functions and contributions of the organization's component parts, and how they may be used in making strategic decisions. Students will create strategy by means of written case analyses.



This course provides the student with the essential elements pertaining to the area of electronic commerce together with its implications upon the commercial environment. The course will introduce students to the various business models that are used within electronic commerce, technology concepts, identify marketing issues, and are familiar with ethical issues. Students will also obtain an understanding of payments systems, security and legal issues, together with taxation implications, government policies and future trends relating to electronic commerce.


International Marketing Strategy

This module enables students to acquire expertise in developing marketing strategies for countries other than their own and thereby extend their range of marketing understanding both to deal with international marketing situations in non-domestic markets and the impact of international competitors on the domestic market.


Operations Management

Introduction, developing an operations strategy, product and service design, processes and technologies, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, forecasting, capacity and aggregate planning, inventory management, JIT, Lean Production, ERP, Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, HRM and Operations Management


Project Management

It will provide the participants the skills to managing a successful project. It will also help the project leader dealing with different kind of project aspect with a proper planning and control more effectively and more efficiency. Identify, analyze and document all tasks needed to complete a project


Financial Management

Gain a sound understanding of the primary sources of finance, and the implications of various funding techniques; demonstrate knowledge of the workings of the capital market including the efficient market hypothesis; demonstrate knowledge of the management of working capital, dividend policies and capital structure; demonstrate knowledge of the various techniques of financial analysis and foreign exchange management.


Final Project

Applying Business and marketing skills to a particular organizational related problem or opportunity by developing a research proposal, planning the research, undertaking the research, analyzing and interpreting the results, and presenting the findings. It will be used to prepare for the firm an appropriate strategic plan. A major professional report suitable for the management will be presented.