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Advanced Diploma in Suply Chain Management

Materials Management

Various problems related to the procurement, handling, and storing of materials in different stages of production will be discussed. The topics will include purchasing, inventory models in deterministic and probabilistic situations, material requirement planning, material handling and transportation, and material management information systems. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques will be used. Examples will be drawn from business situations and students will be required to develop procedures and models to deal with different types of materials .


Business Law

The study of the legal system, the law of contracts and property, agency and employment, consumer credit protection, bankruptcy, the Uniform Commercial Code, negotiable instruments and sales .


ICT in Supply Chain Management

This course will provide better understanding of importance of information technology to improve the productivity in the supply chain. Participants will acquire the knowledge on various types of IT solutions in the supply chain such as MRPII, ERP and MES.


Financial and Managerial Management

Gain a sound understanding of the primary sources of finance, and the implications of various funding techniques; demonstrate knowledge of the workings of the capital market including the efficient market hypothesis; demonstrate knowledge of the management of working capital, dividend policies and capital structure; demonstrate knowledge of the various techniques of financial analysis and foreign exchange management. This is a capstone course in which students learn how leaders formulate and oversee the implementation of strategies that span the various functional areas of an organization.


Organization Behavior

Influences of Social sciences, the individual, individual differences, personality theories of motivation, job design, nature of groups, work group effectiveness,group decision making, leadership, effective leadership, organisational design, organisational change, effective change management, managing diversity, conflict and negotiation


Case Study

The student must apply what they had learns thru the whole courses and apply it into a case study given related to the entire subject and put in a documentation or project and presented it on the final semester. The project must be related to what the student had study and related to the real world environment.