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Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making...presents a five stage model of problem solving by using the fundamentals of Peter Senge's systems thinking to find solutions and to enhance decision making. This powerful methodology teaches you how to identify defeating aspects of quick fixes and how to create long term solutions. This approach demonstrates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that total system collaboration is the key to high performance.


Financial Startup Cost

Analyzes the fiscal components of a business. Learners evaluate financial statements, accounts and annual reports relevant to the supervisor as a non-accountant. Learners evaluate and review several ratios, trends, business cycles and budgets. Learners also discuss internal controls and business ethics and their effect on the firm .


Business Planning Tools

Students will learn about various planning tools using in Business Environment. Planning Tools is one of the strategy and way of starting a new business as well as important competing strategy using to face and solve the business risk and competitors.


Communication and Public Relation

Communications & PR is a specialized course designed to focus on Communications within the areas of personal life, family life, Business community, and workplace. The role of communication in establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships is emphasized. Communication skills and core skills in decision making, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, technology, and workplace readiness practiced in this course will empower students to function effectively as a member of a rapidly changing global community. Students will apply skills learned when participating in integrated service learning experiences. This involvement in the community will help students network with adults and establish themselves as valuable resources and community assets.


Franchising Management

This course covers the principles and activities involved in starting and managing a new franchise; from the perspective of the franchiser and franchisee. This course blends financial theory and current industry trends and practices to instruct students on the methods of financing business ventures. The course concentrates on businesses capable of high growth. Course format includes: case analysis, writing a financial plan (group project) and readings.


Business Management

It will covers mostly all the business process, business skills and How to manage a business in a real world environment. It focuses on development of knowledge necessary to establish and manage successful organization-wide business management concepts. An introduction to the principles and practices of management, with emphasis on the management functions of planning, organizing, influencing and controlling. The course serves the dual purpose of giving the students a basic foundation of management concepts and an understanding of the organization within which they must work


Supply and Value Chain Management

This course provides a broad overview of Supply Chain Management with an integration of purchasing, operations, inventory and logistics management. It also cover topics such topics as demand management; inventory systems; shop floor control; lean manufacturing; total quality management systems; quality certification approaches; and statistical process control.


International Marketing Strategy

This module enables students to acquire expertise in developing marketing strategies for countries other than their own and thereby extend their range of marketing understanding both to deal with international marketing situations in non-domestic markets and the impact of international competitors on the domestic market.


Idea Generalist and Opportunity Recognition

Social work processes, concepts, and theories applied to generalist practice intervention. Establishment of professional relationships and skills applicable to multi level systems emphasizing individuals. It will also help you to identify the opportunity in the real world environment and also creating new opportunity for your business.


Legal Issues

The course will offer an in-depth study of legal and protective service careers in which current legal and protective service careers issues will be discussed and debated. Local, state, federal, and international laws will be analyzed. Subject matter will include a comparison of the legal and protective service careers in the United States with other countries. Students will have opportunities to participate in mock trials and field trips with legal and protective service careers emphasis. Course content will introduce new technology, effects of forensic analysis, and career opportunities. The course content will include information for planning, managing, and providing judicial, legal and protective services.