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Undergraduate & Professional Series

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Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Human Resources Management

Human Resource planning, recruitment and selection, job design, learning and development, employment relationship, contracts and conditions of employment, reward and performance management, strategic aspects of HRM


Supply Chain Managements

This course provides a broad overview of Supply Chain Management with an integration of purchasing, operations, inventory and logistics management. It also cover topics such topics as demand management; inventory systems; shop floor control; lean manufacturing; total quality management systems; quality certification approaches; and statistical process control.


Management Decision Making

Timely and relevant information is central to effective organizational decision-making. It emphasizes the practical and functional nature of business decisions. To provide this, an integrated framework for management control systems is presented, through which management in an organization are assessed in order to determine how effectively they provide a competitive advantage for the organization. A framework for assessing management system's contribution to a firm's competitive stance is introduced and critiqued.


Organisational Behavior

Influences of Social sciences, the individual, individual differences, personality theories of motivation, job design, nature of groups, work group effectiveness,group decision making, leadership, effective leadership, organisational design, organisational change, effective change management, managing diversity, conflict and negotiation.


Business Law Practice

The study of the legal system, the law of contracts and property, agency and employment, consumer credit protection, bankruptcy, the Uniform Commercial Code, negotiable instruments and sales .


Contemporary Business Management

Provide an opportunity for students to examine organizational complexity via references to real world problems experienced by organizations in the context of a dynamic business environment. The course also seeks to consolidate on issues raised within other core units. Students will be encourage to explore the issues of creative problem solving in organizations through consideration of design, development and implementation strategies.


Management Practice and Case Study

Understand of the objectives, roles, functions and various forms of a business organization as it adapts to a dynamic and changing environment; acquire an in-depth understanding of the management process in action; relate the principles and theories of management to actual practice as applied to the functional organization of business and the effective performance of those who work in it.