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Value of I.E.A' Corporate Membership - { CmIEA }

An IEA corporate membership shows your commitment. Not only that, it gives your team access to the privacy education, resources and information they need to effectively manage your business protection risks and challenges.             

Leading organisations in entrepreneurs and businesses support the continuing professional development of their staff. They also adhere to professional values and guiding principles in enterprise and business. IEA Corporate Membership enables organisations to do both – all they need to stay up to date in the profession.

By becoming an IEA Corporate Member, you join over similar organisations with access to a range of services that enable you to develop competence, recognition, and professionalism and ensure that your business community can access the latest thinking and information about all aspects of entrepreneurial and business management.

Become a catalyst for progress, working from the inside to stay connected and current. Collaborate and share knowledge with industry stakeholders who are committed to positive change.

  • Enhancing entrepreneurial behaviours and mindsets.
  • Building relationships, network and social capital.
  • Influence public policy impacting the national business agenda
  • Educate colleagues on industry trends and entrepreneurial developments

The entrepreneurial and business field is moving and growing extremely rapidly, it is difficult to create a “catalogue” of all practice. Nor is the report a data-driven research piece. Rather, it collects the views and examples to date on these topics to be used as a platform for further discussion. Outlined below are some of the key areas in term of “IEA Corporate Membership” has focused on developing and adding value to careers in the industry, globally.

  • Highlight and raise awareness of the importance of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship education in spurring economic growth and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Consolidate existing knowledge and good practices in business enterprise and entrepreneurship education around the world to enable the development of innovative new tools, approaches and delivery methods.
  • Provide recommendations to governments, academia, the private sector and other actors on the development and delivery of effective trade, business and education policies for entrepreneurship.
  • Launch a process in which the recommendations can be discussed on the global, regional, national and local levels and implemented with the involvement of key stakeholders.



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