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Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Marketing Principles

This course is designed to develop the basic competencies necessary for a career in a variety of marketing job clusters.The student will be learning the most basic marketing functions that may be applied to a variety of retail and wholesale clusters. To allow the student to progress from content as elementary as the operation of the business to the more complex skills within selling, advertising, and market research with the latest societal and technological trends which are expected to impact on both the art and science of marketing


Marketing Operations

The marketing process as it relates to management of marketing in the profitable operation of the firm. Environmental constraints, including consumers' needs, governmental regulation, and the social environment. Price determination, promotional strategy, channels of distribution, and product development


Promotional Practice

This course is designed to provide you with a thorough knowledge of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), including key IMC concepts, terminology, decision-making areas and trends. An important objective is t o further your understanding and appreciation of the basic communication and management tools used in planning and implementing an integrated advertising and promotion strategy. The course will be taught from a managerial perspective, with emphasis on the process and management of promotion within overall marketing planning. With this in mind, you will be required to prepare a comprehensive document, utilizing the knowledge gained in the course to develop an IMC plan for an actual product (good, service, idea).


Customer Studies

End user and business customer buying behavior, building long-term customer relationships, segmentation of markets and positioning strategies. This covers customer relationship building strategies for managers in all industries with specific examples for in-house call centers and service bureaus. Students will learn what it takes to build lasting and effective relationships with co-workers and staff. Students will learn steps used to build quality business relationships and aligning resources while working with a variety of individuals and departments.


Business Law

The study of the legal system, the law of contracts and property, agency and employment, consumer credit protection, bankruptcy, the Uniform Commercial Code, negotiable instruments and sales


Business Communication

Maximise personal effectiveness by improving personal communication skills necessary for communication both inside and outside the organization, acquire the knowledge and techniques to assist them when working with colleagues in face to face and telephone situations, prepare reports and other forms of written communication and understand the important of visual communication.


Business Economics

Acquire an awareness and understanding of fundamental economic theories, concepts and policies; apply economic principles and concepts to decision-making in a business environment; understanding the general economic environment and its effects upon business organizations and their markets .


Marketing Communications

Marketing Communication I is designed to develop written communication skills in marketing research and analysis including effective format and design and the ethical dimensions of report writing. Marketing Communications I must be taken simultaneously with Market Analysis


Supply Chain Analysis

Study the components of the entire supply chain. Emphasis on collaboration and planning related to major functional areas required to organize the flow of products from inception through delivery to satisfy final customer needs. Information and communication technology as an enabler of supply chain management strategies is also discussed .